HG and Airstreams

Who would have guessed that an aluminum sausage shaped trailer would become an American icon.  Like a celebrity, the Airstream has a fan club, the Airstreamers, and, for the true believers who own an Airstream, you can join the Wally Byam Caravan Club.  It was Wally who introduced the first Airstream called the “Clipper” in 1936. It cost $1200.  Until recently, the Airstream was available only for purchase and the 2013 “Classic” starts at $75,000.   556a8eaf373fd6a3

Here’s the good news: Beginning this summer, the travel company Airstream2Go will rent the latest models as well as a GMC Yukon to pull your Airstream for trips of at least five days.   Or, if you’re more of a dreamer than a driver, a new book by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Philip Caputo, takes you on a journey from Key West to the Arctic Ocean in a vintage Airstream. airstream0008

In the beginning of his book, The Longest Road, Caputo says:  “America is too big, too complicated a mosaic of races and nationalities and walks of life to have a single pulse or even two or three…..but I thought I’d ask people, when possible, the question I put to myself: What holds us together?”  Is the answer, the Airstream?airstream-LIFE-2At HG, we have added to our wall display the back door of a Airstream International, courtesy of Yesterday Reclaimed that we call the “Acie.”  Maybe someday, we’ll hit the road in our own silver sausage but, for now, stop by and have your picture taken with a fixture of the American road trip.

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